Legends of Pixelia

Legends of Pixelia is an action role-playing game that combines retro pixelart with modern gameplay mechanics. Tired of left-clicking through hordes of brainless one-hit-KO enemies? Random dungeons, precise controls via gamepad (or keyboard) and a strong fighting game AI provide challenging encounters. Be prepared!

Key features:

  • Choose from multiple hero classes with unique abilities
  • Procedurally generated dungeons and rooms
  • 21 boss fights + 21 crazy boss fights in Game+
  • Build your hero with level-up stats and randomly generated items
  • Fast-paced combat that favors good positioning and timing
  • Plug in some gamepads to enjoy local multiplayer
  • Fight against your friends in Versus mode (PvP)

"Legends of Pixelia plays like a beat ‘em up dressed in rogue-like dungeons. [...] The systems that are in place are really solid, and the gameplay ideas come through in the form of a fun, multiplayer beat em’ up in a dungeons-and-dragons-like vibe."
Luke Siuty

"Legends of Pixelia is an excellent pixel art action RPG with gameplay reminiscent of The Binding of Isaac, but with more tactical combat, persistent upgrades and local multiplayer."
Calum Fraser

"Legends of Pixelia is familiar enough to be approachable to fans of the genre while still offering up something new. Fans of skill-based combat in games will want to give this a look, and for folks who like action RPGs I think there's enough progression to keep you compelled for a little while."
John Bridgman

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