Combat System

It is not easy to master the combat system in Legends of Pixelia, but this page will help by giving some info about the mechanics behind it. :-)


Basic Combo

An essential way to win a fight in Legends of Pixelia is doing combos. The easiest way to start learning combos is doing the basic combo: (A), (A), (A) (or press and hold (A) for a short time).

Combo Animation
The basic combo can be executed by every hero class, but the result is slightly different.


Flinching is the short "ouch, I have been hit!" animation that immediately starts when a player or an enemy has been hit by a normal attack. The default flinch duration is about half a second, whereas some skills have a longer flinch time (e.g. Paladin's Force Nova) or no flinching at all (e.g. Vamp Hunter's Orbit Shield).

Whenever you are able to hit an enemy again while it is flinching, we're talking about a flinch combo. Some easy to do flinch combos are:
  • Knight, use Sword Blast (B), then immediately Shield Dash (Y)
  • Paladin, simply use your Holy Cross (Y) skill and watch...


Some attacks have the ability to throw an enemy up in the air (e.g. Paladin's Spirit). Whenever you are able to hit an enemy again while it is in the air, we're talking about an air combo. One word of caution here: You can't hit enemies that are too high in the air, so time your air combos well. Some skills that throw enemies very high are e.g. Knight's Sky Slash or Barbarian's Shockwave.

Some easy to do air combos are:
  • Barbarian, first do your basic combo ((A), (A), (A)), then immediately use Whirlwind (Y)
  • Knight, first do your basic combo ((A), (A), (A)), then immediately use Sword Blast (B)


When a character that has been thrown into the air lands, it is grounded for a short time. Most attacks don't harm grounded targets, but there are some exceptions (e.g. Barbarian's Shockwave). Whenever you are able to continue damaging a target by picking it up with a ground hitting skill, we're talking about a ground combo.

There are no easy ground combos, but here's a mediocre one:
  • Barbarian, do a basic combo ((A), (A), (A)), wait until your target hits the ground, use Shockwave (X) to throw your target into the air, wait until your target is at the perfect height for an air combo, do another basic combo ((A), (A), (A))

Some enemies use ground hitting skills, too. Luckily, there are two ways to get up faster:

  • Use your Block (RB) skill while being grounded (works immediately after hitting the ground)
  • Use your Attack (A) to perform a Rise Attack (works after half the grounding time has passed, has endurance)

Endurance & Invincibility

Endurance, ingame often abbreviated as "Endu", is a state where a character can't be flinched or be thrown into the air, but still receives damage dealt. Endurance is visualized by a yellow glowing orb at the charater's location. Bosses have a skill that grants endurance for a long time, but players have some skills that grant endurance, too (e.g. Block or Barbarian's Whirlwind (Y)).

Invincibility, ingame often abbreviated as "Invi", is the enhancement of endurance. An invicible character ignores all kind of hostile effects and incoming damage. Bosses are invicible while preparing their ultimate skills, but players have some skills that grant invincibility, too (e.g. Knight's Shield Dash (Y)).