Hi! My name is Florian Siemer and I'm a solo indie game developer from Europe (Germany). Since 2014 I'm releasing my games by the brand name SimaGames. What kind of games are expected to be released in the future? Something along the genres 'RPG', 'Action RPG', 'Card Game' or 'Metroidvania'.

Current Project

ZpellCatz is in active development for the upcoming months. Do you want to follow us on our journey? Join our Discord!


ZpellCatz: Pumpkin Prologue Released!

October 14, 2021

ZpellCatz: Pumpkin Prologue has just been released. Yay!

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ZpellCatz DevRecap June - Oct '21

October 10, 2021

Hey there, fellow catz! A lot has happened in the past few months and I made some nice progress with ZpellCatz. Lets have a look.

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ZpellCatz: Pumpkin Prologue Announcement

September 3, 2021

ZpellCatz: Pumpkin Prologue will be available soon. It's a free singleplayer campaign. Read on for more info, a trailer and release dates.

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