ZpellCatz "Aim and Revival" Update (1.1.0)

June 14, 2024

Hey there, fellow Catz! A new version of ZpellCatz is available now.

Aim Assistant

It's sometimes hard to hit enemies with skills like 'Ice Missiles' or 'Fire Ball' in the recently released version 1.0.0. This update simplifies the aim assistant options menu. Also, skills that had trouble hitting enemies now have a minor shot pursuit effect when the aim assistant is activated. Finally, there was a bug that the aim assistant wasn't working for Familiars controlled by a player. This issue has been fixed!

Shrine of Revival

ZpellCatz was never designed to be a super hard souls-like game. I got feedback that the difficulty on normal / normal was way too high and that it's frustrating to re-run the whole dungeon when you die during a boss fight. That's why I developed a cool new feature: Shrines of Revival!

The room directly in front of a boss now always contains a Shrine of Revival. If you die in a dungeon and have already discovered the shrine room, you will be revived there once (including Familiars and potion refill). Note that shrines are only activated on normal / normal. No shrines for you in 'Challenging' difficulty, 'Hardcore' or 'Cat-core'.

Familiars and Local Multiplayer

The changes to the aim assistant and some small bonuses for Familiars help to make you feel less like a sitekick as a second player. Feel free to try it out. As a release party event, I spent several hours in local multiplayer mode with my friends and we tweaked the values ​​until it felt good. Personal tip: Choose Loki if the Familiar is played by another player.

"Aim and Revival" Update (1.1.0) June '24

*** New Features ***
- Added a 'Shrine of Revival' to the room next to a boss room (normal difficulty only)
- The shrine offers one full revival (including Familiar and potions) for non-uber dungeons with a boss

*** Input ***
- Reduced aim assistant types to activated / deactivated (options menu)
- Aim assistant now adds a minor shot pursuit effect to various skills ('Ice Missiles', 'Fire Ball', Loki's A1, etc)
- Aim assistant is now enabled by default (it's a lot more fun when your spells actually hit enemies... :-D )

*** Familiars ***
- Aim assistent is now working for Familiars in local multiplayer
- Increased Familiar base movement speed by 5.6%
- Added +5% 'Faster Movement' native stat to Familiars
- Added +10% 'Faster Cast' native stat to Familiars

*** Balance ***
- Dungeon level 6: Enemies deal 5% less damage
- Dungeon level 45: Enemies deal 3% less damage
- Dungeon level 46: Enemies deal 5% less damage
- Flame Palace boss now deals 5% less damage
- Forgotten Mine boss, spiral skill now deals 10% less damage
- Library of Lies boss, totem skill now has a longer delay before shooting
- Inner Sanctum boss and their summons now deal 5% less damage

*** General ***
- Totems now have a spawn visual effect
- Totems are now easier to spot in dungeons with red ground
- Changed the 'Life on Hit' info to make clear that this is a great stat
- Cat hero and Familiar are now fully refreshed in overworld camps

Full Changelog

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