ZpellCatz "The Look" Update (0.101.3)

April 13, 2024

Hey there, fellow Catz! A new version of the ZpellCatz closed beta is available now. This version features a UI overhaul, a new tailor NPC and lots of balance changes. As with any new beta version, more players are invited. So, check your e-mails / Steam client if you've registered for access.

Also, there'll be an exciting announcement regarding ZpellCatz next week. Stay tuned!

New Features

The UI and especially the menus needed some polish. Nearly every UI screen has been updated in this version and I really like the new style. Have a look at the updated skill and inventory screens:

A new NPC joined the Greencat Village: Halge, the tailor. Halge offers a service to change the appearance of cat heroes. And the best part? The service is free of charge! So change your look as often as you want to.

This version also feature a ton of balance changes. As I've added more and more late game content over the last few weeks, it's become increasingly clear which classes were significantly stronger than others. After this round of balance changes, the power levels of each class should be in the same ball park.

Requesting Beta Access

Want to join the closed beta? Visit ZpellCatz' Steam page and click "Request Access". Check out this screenshot:

"The Look" Update (0.101.3) April '24

*** New Features ***
- Added a tailor NPC to be able to change the visual appearance
- UI overhoal

*** General ***
- Quest items and essence no longer have notifiers
- Dungeon generation: added more shortcuts (bonus room connections)
- Dungeon generation: adjusted shape algorithm of "cave" and "tunnel" dungeons
- Adjusted item spawn animation for rooms
- Loca text adjustments

*** Audio ***
- Changed collect gem sound

*** Skills ***
- Rebalanced nearly all class skills and path skills to be viable in late game content

*** Epic Items ***
- 'Iron Forehead': +8-12% nature damage
- 'Skull of the Titan': +8-12% lux damage
- 'Shield Enhancer': +8-12% all damage
- 'Protective Branch': +1-2 to 'Gaia Rush'
- 'Tough Leather': +5-10% fire damage
- 'The Blocker': +5-10% lux damage
- 'Safeguard': +5-10% nature damage
- 'Stroll': +4-8% nature damage
- 'Rushing Spur': +4-8% storm damage
- 'Progress': +4-8% fire damage
- 'Hand of the Guardian': increased stats
- 'Permafrost': Removed fire res, added storm to cold conversion, increased stats
- 'Storm Runners': Added storm pierce to buff effect
- Added bonus damage as cold to 'Frost Burn'
- Added bonus damage as cold to 'Eternal Snow'
- Added bonus damage as fire to 'Eternal Flame'
- Added bonus damage as lux to 'Eternal Light'
- Added bonus damage as storm to 'Eternal Storm'
- Added bonus damage as nature to 'Eternal Grassland'
- Added bonus damage as dark to 'Eternal Darkness'

*** Enemies ***
- Early enemies are more dangerous / interesting now

*** Balance ***
- Increased the soft cap / cap of various stats (this is a buff)
- Trippled EXP gained from bosses
- Slightly increased EXP gained from enemies (level 15+)
- Increased sell value for items
- Adjusted merchant offer costs
- Reduced duration of enemy 'Root' buff
- Enemy mod 'Totem' now summons 2 totems near the center of the screen
- Rebalanced defense for players and enemies, defense now slightly increases blocked damage
- Reduced gem upgrade costs of rare gems (still higher than normal gems' costs)
- Rebalanced all gems
- Rebalanced blacksmith's "polish" and "blue chaos" values

*** Bug Fixes ***
- Fixed stat sorting issues in craft epic item tooltip (blacksmith)
- Fixed a bug where arena room drops were too low
- Fixed a bug where slowing curses could cause a complete cooldown time stop
- Fixed a bug that sometimes generated 'Palace' shaped dungeons with not enough rooms

*** Engine ***
- Game engine update
- Library updates

Full Changelog

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