ZpellCatz "Sharing is Caring" Update (0.100.0)

January 5, 2024

Happy new year, fellow Catz! 2024 starts with a lot of new features for ZpellCatz: Highscore, (shared) stash, new game modes and lots of minor changes. In addition, the demo / prologue has been updated so that Familiars and local multiplayer are now available there. As with any new beta version, more players are invited. So, check your e-mails / Steam client if you've registered for access.

New Features

A stash has been added to the Market Hall. It has 6 pages, 2 personal ones (per cat hero) and 4 shared ones. The shared pages are, well, shared amongst all heroes, allowing you to give items from one cat to another. Each page has 30 item slots, so you now have enough space to store every tier 1 and tier 2 epic item (if you want to do that for whatever reason :-D ).

One of the features that I always enjoyed while playing Legends of Pixelia is now also available in ZpellCatz: Highscores! The score is calculated the moment you defeat a boss and there is a distinct highscore table per dungeon. Only dungeons with a boss room have a highscore table.

There's also a web version of the highscore table available here if you want to share your excellent score with others.

Up for a challenge? There are new game modes available that increase the difficulty of ZpellCatz. Game modes can be selected when creating a cat hero and they are permanent. You get a small bonus to your dungeon score for beating a boss with active game modes selected.

  • Hardcore: Your typical permadeath option as you know it from every other ARPG
  • Cat-core: Similar to hardcore, but you have 7 lives instead of 1
  • Challenging: Enemies have greatly increased stats, designed for players that love to grind

Do cats have 7 lives or 9 lives? This varies from country to country. In the culture I grew up in, cats have 7 lives. And since 7 is a wonderful number, we'll take that. :-)

Familiars and local multiplayer are coming to the demo / prologue. So if you don't have beta access (yet), feel free to toy around with Familiars in Autuna.

Requesting Beta Access

Want to join the closed beta? Visit ZpellCatz' Steam page and click "Request Access". Check out this screenshot:

"Sharing is Caring" Update (0.100.0) January '24

*** New Features ***
- Added a (shared) stash to the market hall
- Added a highscore system for dungeons with bosses
- Added new game modes 'Challenging', 'Hardcore' and 'Cat-core'

*** General ***
- Decreased 'Dark Wave' damage by 5%
- Decreased 'Frailty' damage by 5%
- Increased soft cap of elemental resistances from 35% to 40% (this is a buff)
- Renamed Bashu's 'Inner Light' to 'Inner Glow' to reduce confusion with a Twilight tree skill of the same name
- Minor loca text adjustments

*** Items ***
- Increased rare and epic item drop chance for lower levels
- Slightly buffed stats for 'Hunting Call'
- Buffed all items of merchant offer page 2

*** Gems ***
- Buffed rare gems
- Buffed low performing gems
- Reduced the level requirement for some gems sold by the merchant

*** Dungeons ***
- Main quest dungeons 2 - 6 now drop more fishsticks / dust
- 'Temple Ruins' boss now always drops a normal quality jewelry (ring or necklace)
- 'Mushroom Cavern': Minor wall design adjustments

*** Enemies ***
- Reduced defense and healing of zombie type enemies, increased their HP to compensate
- 'Flame Temple' boss: -20% fire totem damage, -40% full screen totem damage
- 'Temple Ruins' zombie miniboss: +25% HP / healing, increased spell aoe
- 'Temple Ruins' heron miniboss: +25% damage, +20% faster cast, increased spell aoe
- 'Dark Sanctuary' boss: +27% magic circle damage

*** Pumpkin Prologue ***
- Added Familiars and local multiplayer
- Adjusted exp curve to easier reach level 7 and level 8
- Increased enemy levels for prologue dungeons by 1 (each)
- Increased enemy HP and damage due to Familiars being available now
- 'Pumpkin Ruins' boss: +14% HP

Full Changelog

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