ZpellCatz "Very Familiar" Update (0.99.0)

November 18, 2023

Hey there, fellow Catz! Familiars got some love in this new version of the ZpellCatz closed beta and local multiplayer is finally here. As with any new beta version, more players are invited. So, check your e-mails / Steam client if you've registered for access.

New Features

Local multiplayer is here! Connect a gamepad / joystick and enjoy playing together with your friends and family.

Familiars have been rebalanced, slightly shifting power from the cat hero to the Familiar with this update. They are no longer pure sources of passive stats through their talents. Also, the talents now provide a higher bonus to the Familiar and a smaller one to the cat hero. Lets see if talent choice will be more interesting now.

Requesting Beta Access

Want to join the closed beta? Visit ZpellCatz' Steam page and click "Request Access". Check out this screenshot:

"Very Familiar" Update (0.99.0) November '23

*** Familiars ***
- Familiar base stats have been rebalanced
- Familiars now gain stats from gems in your casket
- Familiars now have innate 'Life after Kill' that scales with level
- Familiar talents now give big stat bonuses to Familiars and small ones to cat heroes
- Familiar offensive skill cooldowns and damage increased (net buff)
- Loki is now available from the start of the game
- Increased Familiar base movement speed by 25%
- Familiars are now able to collect items
- Familiars controlled by AI now auto collect coins (and other items accidentally)

*** General ***
- Slightly increased enemy HP for low level (1-3) enemies due to Loki being available from the start
- Skill UI now shows a blue border for skills with max allocated skill points
- Adjusted enemy movement speed animation for slower enemies
- Adjusted room enemy bonus mod distribution to reduce the same mods appearing too often throughout a dungeon

*** Epic Items ***
- Added all resistances to 'Protective Branch'

*** Druid ***
- Increased life on hit bonus for 'Glaring Light'
- Increased mind gained by 'Radiance'
- Increased stats gained by 'Shield Mastery'
- 'Growth' no longer grants vitality, added life after kill
- Added vitality to 'Photosynthesis'
- Increased stats gained by 'Sylph's Gift'

*** Tranquility ***
- Increased mind gained by 'Herbal Guard'
- Incrased stats gained by 'Adaption'

*** Bug Fixes ***
- Fixed an AI movement issue
- Fixed missing audio for "Thorns" enemy bonus mod

Full Changelog

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