ZpellCatz "Your Voice" Update (0.98.0)

September 23, 2023

Hey there, fellow Catz! A new version of the ZpellCatz closed beta is ready to be played. As with any new beta version, more players are invited. So, check your e-mails / Steam client if you've registered for access.

New Features

Having trouble to adjust the audio volumes to match your system in ZpellCatz 0.97.0? Audio volumes can now be controlled via slider to allow finer adjustments.

Cats shouldn't die with health potions left in their belt. A new "low on health" indicator helps players to notice that their cat hero is heavily injured. The indicator starts showing up at 50% HP and is getting more and more intense the lower the health percentage left.

It's sometimes easy to miss that your cat hero has skill points left or that you've just found a new gem. This version introduces pause menu notifiers for all kinds of stuff. Please give feedback which notifiers are helpful and which are annoying.

Requesting Beta Access

Want to join the closed beta? Visit ZpellCatz' Steam page and click "Request Access". Check out this screenshot:

"Your Voice" Update (0.98.0) September '23

*** Audio ***
- Audio volumes can now be controlled via slider to allow finer adjustments
- NOTE: If you adjusted the audio volumes previously, you have to increase your volumes in this version

*** General ***
- Increased movement animation speed
- Dungeon clear quests: dungeon clear accomplishment is now also saved for non-active quests
- Renamed "Talent to select" notification to "Familiar talent"
- Added a "low on health" indicator (red screen border) starting at 50% HP

*** Spells ***
- "Frailty" now deals damage within the whole circle, not with the pentagram shots only

*** Pause Menu UI ***
- Added notifiers to the pause menu for all kinds of stuff (points available, new item, ...)
- Added a "sort inventory" button to the pause menu
- Opening the quest menu now displays a recently updated quest by default
- Skill entries now have colored text whenever you have bonus points

** Bug Fixes ***
- Potion hover now shows the correct amount of charges
- Fixed multiple overlay issues when teleporting to town or returning to main menu

*** Special Thanks ***
- Thanks for your feedback / bug reports: Chamosmile, Denzi, Dysman, Godspeed, Quinque, ZoneMaster, <anonymous>

Full Changelog

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