ZpellCatz "Ready for Beta" Update (0.97.0) August '23 + Beta Starts Soon

August 24, 2023

Hey there, fellow Catz! A new version of the demo / prologue is ready to be played and the ZpellCatz closed beta starts soon.

"Ready for Beta" Update (0.97.0) August '23

*** General ***
- Fixed a "Load Game" menu selection issue
- Adjusted class combination names
- Minor dialogue adjustments
- Added clouds to the main menu screen

*** Gameplay Changes ***
- Equipment can no longer be changed while there are enemies nearby

*** Input ***
- Mouse buttons (middle, right, mb4, mb5, scroll up, scroll down) can now be used to cast skills (and other input if you want to)
- Gamepad button "B" now also closes ingame menus

*** UI ***
- Replaced the "requirements too high" graphic with a simple X
- Quest menu texts now show important words in yellow color
- Adjusted shop NPC UIs (merchant, blacksmith)
- Notifications are now hidden when the desired action is taken

*** Engine ***
- Game engine update
- Library updates

Full Changelog

Closed Beta Start

The closed beta starts on September 1, 2023 at 16:00 CEST.

More info about the upcoming beta can be found in the previous news post.

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