Legends of Pixelia v1.06

October 22, 2022

Hey there. After spending the last months preparing Kickstarter and Steam Next Fest stuff for ZpellCatz, it's time to fix some bugs in Legends of Pixelia. Special thanks to our Discord member Chamosmile for the bug reports and feedback!

Legends of Pixelia Version 1.06

1.06 changes:
*** Bugfix ***
- Fixed an issue where some skills created multiple powerups
- Fixed default Steam Deck d-pad controls
- Fixed an issue with pvp achievement stats not reporting correctly (Steam)
*** Balance ***
- Reduced the damage of the quad ice from epic item 'Cuatro' (it's still powerful)
- Slightly reduced the damage of the snake nova from epic item 'Viper'

Full Legends of Pixelia Changelog

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