ZpellCatz "Kick and Start" Update (0.95.2) September '22 + ZpellCatz' Kickstarter Starts Soon

September 4, 2022

Hey there. A new version of the Pumpkin Prologue is ready to be played. It's in a good shape now for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Here are the patch notes for the current version:

"Kick and Start" Update (0.95.2) September '22

*** UI ***
- Quest finished dialogue looks nicer now
- Replaced the discord box with a SimaGames info box
- Small UI bug fixes

*** System ***
- Added resilience to corrupted save files

*** Engine ***
- Game engine update
- Library updates

Full Changelog

ZpellCatz goes Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign for ZpellCatz will go live on September 16th 2022. That's about two weeks from today. If you haven't already, click here to get notified on campaign launch:


ZpellCatz Kickstarter Starts Soon

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