ZpellCatz' Kickstarter Campaign Starts Soon + Legends of Pixelia v1.05

August 21, 2022

Hey there. The Kickstarter campaign for ZpellCatz starts in mid-September. Also, Legends of Pixelia has been updated for maintenance (v1.05).

ZpellCatz goes Kickstarter

I'm super excited to announce the Kickstarter campaign for ZpellCatz! It will go live in mid-September. There'll be lots of cool rewards for backers like epic item patronages, exclusive cosmetic items or cheaper early bird tiers. Click here to get notified on campaign launch:


ZpellCatz Kickstarter Starts Soon

Legends of Pixelia Version 1.05

1.05 changes:
*** Appearance ***
- There is now a news box in the title screen
*** System Changes ***
- Legends of Pixelia now uses the new SimaGames backend
- Top 10 / top 100 lists are no longer separated by months, but all values are stored 180 days instead
*** Engine ***
- Game engine update: Unity 2019
- Library updates

Full Legends of Pixelia Changelog