ZpellCatz "Dark Harvest" Update (0.94.0) June '22 + Updated Prologue Trailer

June 24, 2022

Hey there. Spell effects have greatly been improved and there is a new version of the Pumpkin Prologue available to give them a try.
But first, let's check out the updated trailer:

Here are the patch notes for the current version:

"Dark Harvest" Update (0.94.0) June '22

*** General ***
- Improved spell visuals effects
- Mountains now have a slightly different color for each height level
- Improved destructable death animation
- Steam Cloud now correctly works for cross-platform (Windows / Linux)

*** Shaman ***
- Increased "Ice Missiles" shot speed by 50%
- Updated "Ice Missiles" description

*** Pumpkin Prologue ***
- The epic item "Dark Harvest" is now a guaranteed drop (one time only)
- Slightly adjusted the base resistances of Traulicht
- Fixed a bug that occasionally caused a black screen when entering a room

Full Changelog

A guaranteed epic item drop? Yep! The later parts of the prologue needed something interesting, so I decided to add this guaranteed epic. I really like playing around with the totem refresh mechanic. Have a look:

Dark Harvest Item

Want to try the new spell visuals, the "Dark Harvest" or the sped up Ice Missiles?
Play the Pumpkin Prologue for free on Steam: