ZpellCatz "Tool and the Tip" Update 0.92.0

February 17, 2022

"Tool and the Tip" Update (0.92.0) Feb '22

*** General ***
- Slightly increased base movement, animation and shot speed (115% -> 120%)
- Added more epic items
- The currency "coin" is called "Thaler" from now on
- Small bug fixes

*** Balance ***
- Adjusted Int%, Vit%, Mind%, HP%, Def% and Spo% drop table on special and rare items
- Adjusted soft cap and maximum for various stats
- Slightly adjusted / increased values for most passive skills
- Added more teleporter rooms to large dungeons (e.g. Pumpkin Ruins)

*** UI ***
- Added tooltips to various UI elements
- UI adjustments
- Notification UI is now hidden when talking to NPCs

*** Mechanic Changes ***
- Items can now be sold to the merchant, too

*** New Features ***
- Added a new type of dungeon rooms: "Friendly Rooms"
- Friendly rooms provide some coins and don't spawn enemies

*** Pumpkin Prologue ***
- Parina's quest step "sell item" can now also be completed by selling to the merchant NPC
- Pumpkin Ruins now contain some "Friendly Rooms" to pseudo-decrease dungeon size (without changing the minimap shape)

Full Changelog

Here are some screenshots that show some of the newly added tooltips:

Gallery Image 1
Gallery Image 2
Gallery Image 3
Gallery Image 4

Want to try the tooltips? You can play ZpellCatz: Pumpkin Prologue for free on Steam: