ZpellCatz: Pumpkin Prologue Announcement

September 3, 2021

Hey there. Today I want to announce ZpellCatz: Pumpkin Prologue. It's a free singleplayer campaign with a story set preceding the events of the main game.

You are a young Shaman Cat on its travels that arrives in a mysterious village. It's autumn. Pumpkins are ready for harvest - and so are the souls of the villagers! This is the prologue of ZpellCatz, a magical Action RPG set in a colorful fantasy world.

ZpellCatz: Pumpkin Prologue will be released on October 14, 2021. It's available for Windows and Linux.
You can download it for free on Steam or itch.io.

ZpellCatz is in active development for the upcoming months. Do you want to follow us on our journey? Join our Discord!