ZpellCatz DevRecap April & May '21

May 29, 2021

Hey there, fellow catz! The end of May is soon, so lets recap the development progress of April and May 2021.


- Played around with item stats, drop chances for epic items, etc
- Added new epic items
- Wrote an article about the itemization in ZpellCatz (https://www.indiedb.com/games/zpellcatz/features/zpellcatz-itemization)

Visuals, Special Effects

- Added teleport effect for cat heroes and enemies
- Greatly improved "Frailty" spell effect
Frailty (gif)

- Added a longer death effect animation for cat heroes and bosses (normal enemies die a lot quicker)
Boss Death Animation (gif)

Input System (work in progress)

- Upgraded the underlying input system to the "new" Unity Input
- Added gamepad control for ingame and menu
- Added joystick control for ingame and menu
- Added an options menu screen
- Started implementing an input rebind system (WIP)

I'll write an article with more info about the input system in ZpellCatz soon. ^^

That's it for today. My plan is to write a DevRecap every 2 or 3 months from now on. If you want to receive development update more regularly, feel free to join our discord.
Have a wonderful weekend!