Legends of Pixelia v1.01

October 31, 2015

What's new?

Hello. I really enjoyed playing Legends of Pixelia v1.00 during the last weeks, but I noticed some things that still needed a change. As of today, version 1.01 is here to fix this! More epic items, more balance, more fun in Game+.

Knight Vortex

Version 1.01

1.01 changes:
*** New ***
– Added 18 new epic items to the drop pool
*** System Changes ***
– The EXP cap is a lot softer now
– Buying the scoundrel’s dice now gives a small epic find chance bonus
– Vamp Hunter’s orbit shield is no longer breakable
*** Appearance ***
– Epic effects added to off/def rating: Ace, Bee, Ex, Why, Storm’s Punch, Vampire’s Spell
– The guard chance calculation for defense rating is correct now
– Melee/ Ranged/ Special 40 bonuses are now added to the offensive rating calculation
– Renamed the “Evade” passive to “Avoid”
*** Balance ***
– Increased the Angel Blessing (not Demon Blessing) stat bonus by 50%
– Increased the blessing cap for all game+ dungeons
– Increased the EXP gained in game+ dungeons
– Offensive 40 bonus is now +15% crit. chance & +40% crit. damage
– Defensive 40 bonus is now +25% chance to evade (any incoming damage)
– Slightly buffed the passive Vampire’s Teeth
– Epic item buffs: Storm’s Guard, Ninja’s Hood, Ninja’s Ambush, Dreifarb
– Slightly reduced evil plant enemies’ skill damage
– Slightly reduced boss 1-1 damage
– Slightly reduced boss 9-1 damage
– Slightly buffed boss 6-3 and its game+ version
– Increased all guard chance values by about 30%
– All damage, defense, HP and heal per room on items increased by about 5%
*** Quality of Life ***
– Pressing and holding “A” now chains the base combo
– Pressing and holding “RB” now executes a block whenever possible
*** Bugfixes ***
– Game engine update: Unity 5.2.2
– Reduced the pool size of the pooling system

Guardian Weapon

More epic items

I really like finding epic items, but once you reach Game+ mode, you tend to find the same items. That's why I added 18 new epic items to the drop pool, increasing it to a total of 43 different epic items. There are some really cool epic effects like perma endurance (your skills can no longer be interrupted by enemies) or increasing your critical chance based on your guard chance. :-)

To be able to find these new epics, the scoundrel's dice now also increase the chance to find epic items. Hurray!

Epic Withstand

Slash, slash, slash, ...

One of my favorite changes in the new version: Pressing and holding the attack button now chains the base combo. This change really helps when playing high attack speed builds. Also, sometimes it was hard to correctly time your block when trapped in a hostile Holy Cross spell. Pressing and holding the block button now blocks whenever possible. This might sound like a small change, but it really changed the way to play the game for me (in a positive way).

Press and hold

More balance

Whenever I started a new hero, I felt forced to put my stat points in either the melee, ranged or special tree due to the 40 point bonus being so super powerful (cooldown charge). That's why the 40 point bonuses of the defensive and the offensive skill trees got buffed.

Also, I talked with a friend about softcore and hardore heroes and he had the opinion, that hardcore is easier in the long run, because you only find demon blessings which offer way higher stat bonuses. After playing a hardcore Vamp Hunter to level 99, I totally got his point. That's why I increased the bonus for angel blessings by 50%. The demon blessing bonus used to be 5 times higher than angel bonuses, now they are about 3 times as high.

I miscalculated guard chance... in two ways. The displayed def rating used to overestimate guard chance where the actual values were way too low compared to critical chance. I fixed the def rating calculation and increased all guard chance values by 30% (this change is retroactive).

New passive def

More fun in Game+

Starting at level 50, the EXP curve in version 1.00 was way too high. To fix this, I increased the experience gained in Game+ dungeons all over the place. You can (more or less) easily get your hero to level 95 in version 1.01. Also, the EXP cap sometimes felt a little too harsh. It is a lot softer now, allowing you to over-level if you want to. After some minor fixes to some bosses and enemies, Game+ is really well balanced now. I enjoyed my test runs with a softcore Paladin and a hardcore Vamp Hunter in version 1.01.

That's it

Still reading this? Go on and play the new version! ;-)

Oh, by the way: Happy Halloween.