Legends of Pixelia v1.00

September 14, 2015

What's new?

Hey there. After 18 months of work, I proudly present... Legends of Pixelia version 1.00! I already told you about the two new hero classes (Vamp Hunter and Mage) in the last post. This time I'll show you the new gameplay trailer, the changelog and some info about a new kind of items.

Release 1.00

A new gameplay trailer

Epic items

Do you know the moment just before you open up a giant treasure chest? I'm always a little bit excited, waiting for the next big upgrade for my hero.

Treasure Room

Although I liked the old item system, one thing has been missing: Items that really change the way you play your hero. That's why I decided to add a new kind of items, epic items. Any giant treasure chest has a low chance to be an epic one, giving you the choice between one of 2 epic items or a ton of gold. The main idea behind epic items is "super rare, but super powerful". Here's an example:

Epic Items

Every epic item will have 3 high rolled stats + 1 epic power. The power of the item shown above reduces your Y-skill cooldown by 30%! That's an effect noticeable when playing. :-)

Version 1.00

1.00 changes:
*** New ***
– Added two new hero classes: Vamp Hunter & Mage
– You can now find epic items in big treasure chests (low chance, but powerful!)
*** System Changes ***
– You now get bonus base attack (“A”) damage from level ups
– You can now delete heroes ingame
– Potions now heal all players in multiplayer
– Bots in PvP now only choose unlocked champions
*** Balance ***
– Nerfed boss 1-1 and boss 1-2
– Slightly slowed down cast speeds of: comet rain, fire ball
– Decreased comet rain damage
– Increased flamestrike damage
– Combo-3 shot from Paladins and Archers now pierce
– The center arrow from multishot now has increased damage and pierces
– Gaze learned a new trick…
– Rebalanced scoundrel gold cost
*** Bugfixes ***
– Performance boost!
– Fixed a display bug for items showing slightly too high values for XBY damage
– Fixed a bug that lead to wrong gravity settings in air combos
– Bugfix: Main menu go back display error fixed

So many champions!

There is a total of 14 different champions waiting for some PvP acion in the Versus mode. Happy brawling!

Versus Mode

That's it

I'm happy that I managed to develop a game, that I really love to play. Hope you folks out there like it, too. :-)